Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware! Here you'll find all the information you ever needed to know about what mechanical engineering is and the wonderful program we have at Delaware. From biomechanics to robotics and control, we're sure that you'll be excited to learn about all of the different areas of study we have to offer.


Mechanical Engineering Turns 125


We are launching a year-long celebration of our 125th anniversary! 


Undergraduate Research

Led by Profs. Higginson and Lu, an NSF-funded programsupports diverse group of undergraduates in biomechanical engineering.

Sensing Trouble

Professor Thostenson works with structural engineering colleagues to develop a carbon nanotube-based "smart skin" to monitor damage in bridges and other large structures.

Achievement award

Sauveur Achievement Award

Chou recognized by ASM International for seminal work in composites, energy storage


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Mechanical Engineering Turns 125

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

Mechanical Engineering Design Studio


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