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The emergence of nanotechnology, which deals with the manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular scales, has enabled the development of new materials and devices that exhibit novel properties. This new length scale to tailor materials, from 1 to 100 nanometers, offers fundamental new challenges in processing, characterization and modeling. Knowledge of how the nanoscale structure influences the properties is required in order to realize their potential applications. Research within the department spans a wide range of nanotechnology-related fields, from the synthesis and processing of nanotubes and nanoparticles to their employment in composite materials and development of multifunctional applications. Both experimental and theoretical research on processing, characterization and predictive modeling is being conducted. The Department was awarded a Nanoscale Undergraduate Education (NUE) program by the National Science Foundation to provide opportunities for undergraduate research and generate a framework for the integration of nanotechnology across the engineering curriculum.

Spotlight on Research

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Contributing Faculty

Suresh Advani

David Burris

Tsu-Wei Chou

Joshua Hertz

Ajay Prasad

Jonghwan Suhr

Erik Thostenson

Lian-Ping Wang

Bingqing Wei

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