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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware! Here you'll find all the information you ever needed to know about what mechanical engineering is and the wonderful program we have at Delaware. From biomechanics to robotics and control, we're sure that you'll be excited to learn about all of the different areas of study we have to offer.


Suresh Advani

ME students share creativity and innovation at MakerFaire 2015

At the UD mechanical engineering booth studentsdisplayed several 3-D-printed projects and offered akid-friendly activity using popsicle sticks to make kazoos.

Suresh Advani

Prof. Advani receives ASC Outstanding Research Award

Professor Suresh Advani, George W. Laird Professor and Chair, received the 2015 American Society for Composites Outstanding Research Award.

David Burris

ME Seminar Series

The University of Delaware Department of Mechanical Engineering has announced its 2015 fall seminar series to be held at the Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory.

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Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

Mechanical Engineering Design Studio

Engineers helping amputees

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