Clean Energy & Environment

One of the biggest challenges in today’s world is sustainably generating, converting, transporting, storing and using energy.

Clean Energy & Environment

Areas of Expertise

  • Wind energy
  • Fuel cells, batteries, ultracapacitors, thermoelectrics, and other energy-conversion devices
  • Hybrid vehicle design and demonstration under intelligent control with real-time traffic feedback
  • Computational fluid dynamics of warm rain, coal combustion, and environmental-pollutant transport

Affiliated Research Centers

Key Faculty

Spotlight on Research

Making batteries safer, more efficient

Mechanical Engineering Professor Bingqing Wei leads team to curb formation of harmful dendrites in lithium metal batteries From smartphones to...

Fuels of the Future

Under its new moniker, UD’s Center for Fuel Cells and Batteries will be a hub of energy innovation Alternative fuels will power our future—and that...

Making Better Material for Fuel Cells

UD researchers make material to make fuel cells more durable, less expensive Take a ride on the University of Delaware’s Fuel Cell bus, and you see...

Membrane, Heal Thyself

Paper documents self-healing membrane for fuel cell applications Fuel cells, which offer a cleaner, more efficient alternative to the combustion of...

Building Better Batteries

Researchers report new approach to improving lithium-sulfur batteries Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the power behind most modern portable...

Achievement Award

Chou recognized by ASM International for seminal work in composites, energy storage Tsu-Wei Chou, Unidel Pierre S. du Pont Chair of Engineering at...

Heat Waves

Research team reports new approach to simulating nanoscale heat transfer Thermoelectric materials, which can directly and reversibly convert heat to...

Engineering a Better Heat Pump

Fuel-cell technology provides new approach to energy-efficient heating and refrigeration Fuel cell technology has attracted a lot of attention...
Research Clean Energy & Environment