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Networking Reception

Friday, October 26, 1:30-6:00pm

Perkins Student Center

A chance to connect with fellow alumni and share your experiences with current students. There will be multi-session panel presentations hosted by alumni and faculty and a networking session to connect and socialize. We will also recognize this year’s UD ME Distinguished Career Award Recipients. Friends and family are welcome at this event.

Free Event | Appetizers & Cash Bar during Cocktail Reception

Registration Required:


1:30-2:00pm Welcome & Distinguished Career Awards
Bacchus Theatre
2:15-3:00pm Making Your Dream Job a Reality
Gallery Room
Engineering for Good
Collins Room
3:15-4:00pm Everything But Engineering
Gallery Room
Leaving the Bubble
Collins Room
4:15-5:00pm Entrepreneurship 101
Gallery Room
Adult-ing: How to Navigate Job Negotiations & Career Transitions
Collins Room
5:00-6:00pm Networking Reception
Bacchus Theatre


Making Your Dream Job a Reality
Dreaming of a job at one of the “hot” firms where you have to give your right arm to even get an interview? Whether you’re thinking Google, Apple, SpaceX, Nike, or Disney, don’t think for a minute that you can’t complete for one of these spots. UD Mech-E’s have made it into these top firms, are thriving, and are looking to recruit more Blue Hens. In this panel discussion, hear from early to mid-career alums who dreamed big and made it!

Engineering for Good
Ever hear of a problem in your community and think, “I could totally fix that.” Your engineering skills can be put to great use towards community service, whether for your alma mater or your local schools, makers spaces, and non-profit organizations. Here from alums who have become involved in a variety of community-focused initiatives. The discussion will focus on how to identify volunteer opportunities that match your interests and skill set.

Everything But Engineering
You spent 4 years in Spencer Lab building up your technical chops, but you think your career goals may be more aligned to a field outside of engineering. How do you leverage your background as an engineer to excel in another profession. Hear from alums who’ve pivoted to business, law, medicine, and beyond.

Leaving the Bubble
We pride ourselves here at UD Mechanical Engineering in a being a supportive and inclusive community. But what happens when you leave the UD Mech-E bubble? In this panel discussion, hear from early to late-career underrepresented engineers, specifically, women and engineers of color, about their transition to careers in industry and how they navigated issues of equity and access.

Entrepreneurship 101
Let’s face it: Mech-E’s are the engine that powers a lot of entrepreneurial activity. The Steve Wozniaks to the business world’s Steve Jobs. What do you really need to know as a Mech-E setting out on an entrepreneurial adventure? How can you distinguish the solid opportunities from the ones that will land you back in your parents’ basement? Hear from several alums – some of whom are our Distinguished Career winners – about their experiences launching and growing start-ups.

Adult-ing: How to Navigate Job Negotiations & Career Transitions
Put on your big girl and boy pants and let’s talk about all the stuff that they don’t tell you in those resume writing workshops. For instance, how do you handle competing job offers? Is it okay to take that internship while you’re searching for a full-time gig? Is it okay to move on after a year at a company (and how do you do so without burning bridges)? Hear from UD alums who’ve been there, done that, and lived to tell about it. Many of these alums can also speak to the experience on the hiring side.

Homecoming Tailgate

Saturday, October 27, 12:00-3:00pm

Blue VIP Lot of Football Stadium

Join alumni ambassadors, current ME students, and faculty for a tailgate.

Free Event | Drop-In for Food | BYOB

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