Joseph P. Feser


Dr. Joseph P. Feser

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
222 Spencer Lab
Newark, DE 19716
302-831-8049 Email:

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Executive Summary

Dr. Feser received his Honors Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering (2003) and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2005) at the University of Delaware. In 2010, He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked in the area of thermoelectric materials development and the characterization of heat transport in nanostructures. From 2011-2013, he served as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign working in the area of thermal characterization of materials using femtosecond laser diagnostics. In Fall 2013, Dr. Feser joined the University of Delaware Mechanical Engineering department as an assistant professor. Current research interests include the development of new thin-film thermoelectric device architectures, and experimental characterization of heat transfer on ultrafast timescales/ultra-small length scales.

Key Publications

Wang R, Feser JP, Lee JS, Talapin DV, Segalman RA, Majumdar A, "Enhanced Thermopower in PbSe Nanocrystal Quantum Dot Superlattices," Nano Letters, 8(8): 2283-2288 (2008)

Wang R, Feser JP, Gu X, Yu K.M., Segalman RA, Majumdar A, Milliron D.J., Urban JJ, "A Universal and Solution-Processable Precursor to Bismuth Chalcogenide Thermoelectrics," Chemistry of Materials, 22(6): 1943-1945 (2010)

Feser JP, Chan E., Majumdar A, Segalman RA, Urban JJ, "Ultralow thermal conductivity in polycrystalline CdSe thin films with controlled grain size," Nano Letters, 13(5), 2122 (2013)

Feser JP, Cahill DG, "Probing anisotropic heat transport using time-domain thermoreflectance with offset laser spots," Review of Scientific Instruments, 83, 104901 (2012).

Feser JP, Hsu KH, Sadhu J.S., Azeredo BP, Hsu KH, Ma J, Kim J, Seong M, Fang NX, Li X, Ferreira PM, Sinha S, Cahill DG, "Thermal Conductivity of Silicon Nanowire Arrays with Controlled Roughness," Journal of Applied Physics, 112, 114306 (2012).

Research Areas

Clean Energy & Environment: Thermoelectric power generation & cooling; design of high performance thermal materials

Composites & Advanced Materials: Modeling/synthesis/testing of thermoelectric nanocomposites; design/experimental characterization of high performance thermal materials; thin film deposition; microfabrication, solution processed of nanostructures

Nanotechnology: Modeling/synthesis/testing of thermoelectric nanocomposites; design/experimental characterization of high performance heat transfer materials; thin film deposition; microfabrication; solution processed of nanostructures

Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics: Thermoelectric power generation & cooling; experimental heat transfer using femtosecond laser diagnostics, microscale heat transport.

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