University of Delaware

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics
Spring 2016 MEEG424 MW 3:35-4:50 Room PRN 326
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Dr. Steven Timmins (click for personal home page)


  Office Hours By Appointment Only, Office 016 Smith Hall


Optional References

Tentative Syllabus
Extended (Excel Spreadsheet)

Chapters 1- 2 Intro and Tires:  (Feb 8-17)

Chapter 4-5, Steering and Vehicle Axis Systems:  (Feb 22-24)

Chapter 7: (Feb 29 to Mar 7)

Chapter 8: (Mar 7-9)

Ride and Roll Rates

  •   Homework 5, Exam Make Up if you got less than 90% on the midterm

  • Aerodynamics 4/25/16 on Porsche 911 Suspension Configuration (AutoCAD) pictures

    SLA Suspension Pictures

    EXAM 1 Example Questions

    Final Sample Questions

    PowerPoint Lecture Notes: