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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware! Here you'll find all the information you ever needed to know about what mechanical engineering is and the wonderful program we have at Delaware. From biomechanics to robotics and control, we're sure that you'll be excited to learn about all of the different areas of study we have to offer.


Senior design students in engineering at the University of Delaware collaborated with industry, clinicians and educators to address a broad range of health-related challenges.

Interdisciplinary projects yield new engineering designs for better diagnostics, treatment

Dr. Freeze Grips, Playskin Air, Smart Boot and Active Hoof sound like the stuff of science fiction, but they’re actually the work of interdisciplinary senior design teams at the University of Delaware in a course taught by a team of mechanical and biomedical engineering professors.


Healthcare Theatre device selected as first-place technology innovation winner

The University of Delaware’s Healthcare Theatre Program went high tech earlier this year when a group of engineering students designed and fabricated SimuTrach, a device that provides realistic training for the care of tracheostomy patients.

Jenni Buckley

Putting the Art in STEM

Putting mechanical engineering in a broader societal context involves interdisciplinary collaboration on senior design prototypes. One project was a device humans can wear for chest compression simulations during cardiopulmonary training. Art students made the device look more lifelike. Theater students, acting as patients, helped make it function more realistically.

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Engineers helping amputees

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