Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, extending across many interdependent specialties. Mechanical engineers enjoy a wide range of opportunities, working in industries and applications including aerospace, air pollution, automotive, and air-conditioning as well as bioengineering, controls, design, and manufacturing - just to name a few. The ME department at UD offers both value and quality education. The department is small enough to facilitate direct contact between faculty and undergraduate students yet large enough to offer a diverse range of options to meet students' needs.

Our program brings a group of students together as freshmen and allows them to stay together throughout the program. Technical electives in the senior year provide students with the opportunity to pursue areas of particular interest. Our approach to the curriculum emphasizes both breadth and depth.

In the freshman year, we emphasize the breadth of a good science and math foundation, while introducing our students to the career of mechanical engineering. The sophomore year is a continuation of science and math along with the foundation engineering science courses. We also begin the sequence of design experiences culminating in the senior year. The core ME engineering science and design courses are included in the junior year. The senior year is characterized by the capstone design course along with many flexible technical electives to allow for concentration and specialization. Throughout all four years, the general education requirements automatically emphasize non technical breadth and depth as well.

Undergraduate Research

UD enables qualified undergraduates to conduct research, enabling students to "try out" research before making a decision about graduate school or a career path. Students have the opportunity not only to work with individual faculty members but also to participate in interdisciplinary teams through research centers. Areas of research focus in mechanical engineering include Biomedical Engineering, Clean Energy & Environment,Composites & Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, and Robotics & Control. The University's Undergraduate Research Program funds Science & Engineering Scholars to conduct summer research between their sophomore and junior years.


The program emphasizes engineering design, starting with the sophomore year and continuing in each subsequent year. During the final year of study, students take the Senior Design course, which is organized similar to an engineering consulting company to make the experience as realistic as possible. This capstone design experience enables students to solve real-world problems for real companies. Recent projects have addressed biomechanical and aerospace applications and have resulted in new and/or modified products, manufacturing automation, and controlled testing devices.

Honors Program

The Degree with Distinction and Honors Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction, are all available to mechanical engineering majors, offering exceptionally talented and dedicated students the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in greater depth than the regular bachelor's degree. Both the Degree with Distinction and the Honors Degree with Distinction degrees involve a senior research thesis.

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